Giffarine Skyline Unity (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Giffarine now in Malaysia. Giffarine skyline unity (M) Sdn. Bhd. was established to introduce and market products in Malaysia Giffarine, as well as through MLM in Thailand. Professionally managed, high level of management practices, transparent and ethical. We practice teamwork with justice for all and support the parent company MIZWAR CORP. As a neighboring country people of both countries have many similarities. Therefore, it is believed Giffarine products are suitable and well accepted by the population as the population of Thailand. Giffarine Malaysia will continue the vision and realize the dream Giffarine for the benefit and the common good.

We are committed to making Giffarine among the leaders in the direct selling industry in Malaysia for the benefit of the population. In Giffarine, together we build our future.

  • Making products Giffarine as the famous brand accepted Malaysia's population.
  • To dominate and capture a significant market.
  • Marketing of products with the best terms and unethical sales.
  • Offers customers value for money, i.e. quality products at reasonable prices.
  • Provides the customer services with the best before and after the sale.
  • Adopting a high-level management.
  • Implementing process innovation and continuous improvement over time.
  • Carry out charitable work for the Ummah
The concept of business networking Giffarine
  • Does not require large capital. Be a smart consumer.
  • No risk. You do not owe. No time and financial constraints.
  • Opportunity to use a high quality product at a price "Very user friendly”.
  • Earn extra income that is not limited and help the family.
  • No compulsion to sell, you can continue with just a user.
  • Source of income that can be inherited.
  • Work in the manner and style of your own.
  • Find a new opportunity as an extra income.
  • Opportunity to forge ties and build their own business network.
  • Opportunity to travel abroad and perform Umrah.
  • Chance to participate in Charity and Welfare Program.
  • You join the conscious and practice good values ​​in life, sincerity and justice for all (win-win Situation) Transparent and Ethical. Strive and the Trust.
  • Opportunity to be "co-owner" company. In Giffarine Build Our Future Together.
Giffarine- From Beginning to Stability

With this strategy, we invite all people to join Malaysia Giffarine happily and without risk. You do not need to change your daily lifestyle, but the best chance to add more. It does not interfere with your current job while able to generate income. But you are urged to continue to manage the future and work more efficiently for the sake of a better future for your family.

The Concept of Product Development Giffarine
  • Specially formulated for Asian populations.
  • a "world class product"
  • A superior product, using natural materials for scientific study and certification, and published in the Medical Journal.
  • All products studied clinically for safety and to avoid side effects.
  • A product that is believed and accepted by consumers.
  • Consuming the product "price should” so that consumers continue to buy and use.
  • A high quality product produced by a Certificate and a world-class technology and gain international certification standards.

Giffarine quality products for better life

The best products dedicated to Asian consumers, Giffarine importance of research in each stage of production. Starting with the selection of raw materials (from all over the world) the R & D laboratory studies and Management System tools and world-class manufacturing technologies to ensure hygiene and quality control at every stage of production. Today, branded products Giffarine is, well-known and accepted around the world. Now you also have the opportunity to enjoy in Malaysia and are in a class of its own.